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Games Workshop Previews More Updated 40k Weaponry

With the update to a new edition of 40k and the new codices that are available to pre-order now, the game is changing in many fundamental ways, including a rebalancing and the different basic weapons that troops carry. In this preview, we get a look at some more of those changes and what they mean for your armies.

From the article:

The new codexes for the Space Marines and Necrons are up for pre-order RIGHT NOW, but their arrival heralds more than just heaps of content for their factions alone. 

As we mentioned last month, many of the most widely used weapons and wargear have felt a little left behind in terms of their power, so they’re receiving enhanced profiles to bring them back in line with some of the deadly new armaments featured in Codex: Space Marines. These changes are set to have a big (and welcome) impact on the game. We’ll have more on these below, but first, let’s check out some other crucial tweaks to a few very familiar weapons.