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Games Workshop Previews More Special Rules for Black Templars

Incense, Prayers, Vows... the Black Templars have a lot more assets out on the battlefield beyond just their Bolters and Armor. Get a look at some more of what makes these devoted warriors tick in this preview of their new Codex, coming to pre-order tomorrow.

From the article:

The Black Templars are charging into action with a limited edition Army Set this weekend. They’re swiftly followed by a slew of reinforcements such as the diversely armed and incredibly zealous Sword Brothers and the formidable High Marshal Helbrecht himself.*

The box is also the first place you can get the new Black Templars codex supplement for use alongside Codex: Space Marines. As you’ve come to expect from codexes released for the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000, this book features extensive Crusade rules. For an army that’s already on an eternal crusade, these rules are exceptionally thematic.

Alongside a whole host of Battle Traits, Agendas, and Requisitions, the Black Templars have access to Oaths of Crusade, which make up the core hook to build your narrative games around. 

But what exactly is an Oath of Crusade? Well, it goes a little bit like this…