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Games Workshop Previews More Mega-Gargant Rules

Longtime readers will know that my favorite minis are the ones that really kind of skirt the term "miniature." If there's a huge robot or dragon or beast that I can put in my army, I want that. With the Mega-Gargant kit coming out, Age of Sigmar players like me will get a new giant figure, and you don't have to just use one. If you group a bunch together, they get even stronger. Have a look.

From the article:

While gargants have been part of Warhammer Age of Sigmar in one form or another since we first arrived in the Mortal Realms, Battletome: Sons of Behemat elevates them from support units to full-on armies. Yesterday, you saw some of their basic stats, but today, we’re going to give you an early look at some of their allegiance abilities and the bonuses you get when you field gargants en masse.