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Games Workshop Previews More Draconith Heroes Special Abilities for Age of Sigmar

<weewoo weewoo weewoo> More Giant Dragons are making their way to the tabletops of Age of Sigmar. They're the Draconith Heroes and we get a look at some of the special abilities that they'll be bringing to the forces of good. Have yourselves a look.

From the article:

As soon as we saw Krondys and Karazai, the Draconith Heroes soon returning to the Mortal Realms, we started thinking about which of these immense dragons we’d take into battle. One is regal, blue, with the assured grin of a behemoth preparing to take back the Mortal Realms for his kin. The other is scarred, red, and really, really angry.

Then we saw their rules and realised right away that we need both. Not least because it would look like this on the tabletop.

Each prince fights according to their personality. Karazai is a jaws-and-claws kind of dragon, while Krondys is more measured, preferring to control the battlefield and shut down Wizards. Individually they’re going to be incredibly powerful, but together they’re going to make a terrible mess, from range, in close quarters, and with magic.

But first, let’s talk about their fire breath. Both dragons use blazing tempest, an 18” torrent of “scouring flame” that’s precisely as fun to get caught in as it sounds. The target unit suffers between one and six mortal wounds.