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Games Workshop Previews Missions in Kill Team

"Just go eliminate the enemy" is fine and all as a mission parameter, but it can get a little redundant. In the new edition of Kill Team, players will pick a mission to take on. In this preview, we get a look at what some of those missions will look like and what it takes to thrive and win in the game.

From the article:

The fast-paced combat of the revamped Kill Team rewards quick decision-making and a good head for strategy, with some of your most important decisions coming before any models have touched the tabletop. 

Whether you’re playing a tightly competitive matched play game or continuing your narrative play campaign, the mission your kill teams are deployed on will play a major part in both who you choose to bring along and how they’re deployed. With that in mind, we’ve picked out a few scenarios so you can do some reconnaissance and develop some strategies before Kill Team: Octarius pre-orders go live on Saturday.