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Games Workshop Previews Melee in Kill Team

While there's plenty of high-tech ranged weaponry in the 41st millennium, sometimes you gotta just drive your tank up closer so you can whack your enemy with your sword. Kill Team is getting a new edition soon and that means revamped melee rules. Get a look at them in this preview.

From the article:

When opposing kill teams clash in the close confines of your typical mission area – or killzone – melee combat is almost an inevitability. Accordingly, we’re continuing our series of Kill Team articles by looking at how your operatives are going to cope when the chainswords and choppas start swinging.

While melee weapons have many of the same characteristics as the ranged weaponry we took a look at yesterday, the quick and violent nature of close combat means survival is more a matter of split-second decisions and honed instinct than carefully aimed attacks. Rather than the attacker taking their shots and trying to slip past their target’s armour, both fighters roll their melee attacks simultaneously.

Starting with the attacker, the combatants then alternate, choosing whether they want to use a successful hit to inflict damage or parry one of their opponent’s hits, cancelling it out. This means that every fight is a strategic dance of death where powerful attacks are turned aside at the last minute, and heroic soldiers throw themselves on enemy blades to land a desperate last-ditch blow.