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Games Workshop Previews Marduk Sedras for The Horus Heresy

Games Workshop is in the middle of their Warhammer Fest Online 2022 event. They've shown off a ton of stuff, but there's still plenty more to go. Saturday, they've got some Horus Heresy previews coming, but they wanted to go ahead and get this one to you. It's Marduk Sedras of the Dark Angels.

From the article:

What’s this? April is over, but Heresy Thursday is still alive and kicking?

It turns out that there’s a lot of heresy to go around, so we’re keeping this series going until we run out of awesome things to show you. Spoiler alert: that won’t be any time soon.

We’re champing at the bit to show off loads of goodies for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy this Saturday at Warhammer Fest Online 2022, but before that we’re taking a trip to Caliban to meet one of the Dark Angels’ most feared commanders – Marduk Sedras.