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Games Workshop Previews Lord of Virulence for 40k

With the pre-release of the Death Guard codex for 40k coming up just around the corner, Games Workshop is showing off a little more of what you'll expect to find within. That includes a new HQ choice for the army in the form of Lord of Virulence. Check him out.

From the article:

Taking to the battlefield to level his millenia of martial experience against the enemies of Nurgle, the Lord of Virulence is a brand new Character for Death Guard armies, and he’s arriving for pre-order on Saturday. Seeing as it’s Death Guard week, we’re giving you a peek through the fleshy, poxy curtain at this support-focused HQ choice.

Clad in ancient Terminator armour and with a vicious twin plague spewer in hand, the Lord of Virulence is a supporting commander par excellence with a host of abilities for improving the Marines they lead into battle. As an expert in artillery and long-range bombardment, the ranged Plague Weapons carried by nearby troops reach new levels of efficiency thanks to the Lord’s Master of Destruction ability.