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Games Workshop Previews Lasguns in Kill Team

"About as deadly as a flashlight" is the joke often told about lasguns, the main armament carried by Guardsmen in the 41st millennium. And while they're not exactly lascannons, they can do some damage. We get a look at how they're getting an update in Kill Team's new edition in this article. They have unlimited range!

From the article:

Welcome back to our series of articles covering some of the major changes coming to the new edition of Kill Team. The game has been revolutionised from the ground up to deliver the most nail-biting, skirmish-scale warfare around, which means new systems for movement, shooting, and melee combat. Today we’re finding out how ranged combat works.

You may have caught a glimpse of some weapon rules when we looked at the revamped datacards yesterday and noticed that they’re rather different from what you’re used to. Ranged combat has been reworked to better suit the chaotic, close-range battles your kill teams will be fighting in the new edition. Whether your operatives are firing careful shots with a lasgun or unleashing torrents of burning promethium from a flamer (there’s a lot of both in Kill Team’s brutal cinematic trailer), these updated rules are here to switch up your games.