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Games Workshop Previews Kritza, The Rat King

Games Workshop is starting a new article series where they preview a new mini at the start of the week. This week's miniature we caught a glimpse of in their Rumor Engine feature, but now we get a look at him proper. It's Kritza, The Rat King.

From the preview:

Welcome to our first-ever New Model Monday! Every week throughout March, we’ll be showcasing a brand new, previously unseen miniature – though the Rumour Engine may have revealed a glimpse at some point. Each model will be from one of our many game systems set in the Mortal Realms or the 41st Millennium, so they really could be anything.

Now you know what you have to look forward to every Monday this month, let’s get on with today’s offering. Say “hello” to Kritza, the Rat Prince.