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Games Workshop Previews Incursor Marksman for Kill Team

"One shot. One kill." That's just efficiency right there. And that's what the Incursor Marksman brings to your squad in Kill Team. Get a look at this elite sniper in this preview from the upcoming Moroch box set.

From the article:

We’re only two days away from the Kill Team: Moroch box going on pre-order – just enough time to show off one of the awesome new operatives. We’ve already seen how the Traitor Ogryn can make a royal mess in close combat, so now we’re finding out how the servants of the Emperor can stay well out of his way and still dominate the killzone.

Intense training and combat enhancements ensure that every single Space Marine is an incredible shot – but even they look like fumbling conscripts next to a dedicated Incursor Marksman, who can score kills with such speed and precision that they truly deserve the moniker ‘Angel of Death’.