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Games Workshop Previews High Marshal Helbrecht Mini for 40k

The Black Templars are getting the spotlight on them soon in 40k. That includes new books, new kits, and new character minis. In this instance, we get a look at the upcoming figure for High Marshal Helbrecht.

From the article:

Of all the Chapter Masters who lead the Imperium’s Space Marines into battle, none do so with the fury and zeal of High Marshal Helbrecht of the Black Templars. 

If you’ve been excited by the recent reveals of the Emperor’s Champion and Black Templars Army Set, you’ll have been wondering whether their glorious leader has joined them in crossing the Rubicon Primaris. You don’t have to wait any longer to find out…

Amazing, right? All jazzed up in his artificer suit of Mark X armour, he looks every bit the no-nonsense crusader that we know and love. 

The new Helbrecht model faithfully reimagines this classic piece of atmospheric artwork, with the Chapter Master of the Black Templars standing triumphantly over the body of an Ork, the fabled Sword of the High Marshals lodged in its chest.