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Games Workshop Previews Hexfire Box For 40k

2-player starters. I think they're the best way to get into a minis game. And Games Workshop has a new one coming out for 40k all based around the magics that the forces can wield. It's the Hexfire box and it gives players a Grey Knights army versus the forces of Tzeentch.

From the article:

If you missed it, we teased a clash between the Thousand Sons and the Grey Knights way back during Warhammer Fest, and we’ve shown off both an incredible updated Castellan Crowe and Xentep Korazon, an Infernal Master of the Thousand Sons.

Now we can reveal the full contents of the Hexfire battlebox. You’ll find a 40-page campaign book detailing the battle for control of Hexenfast, a gas giant that now plays host to an open warp fissure, infesting it with daemonic entities. You’ll find datasheets for all the models in the box, of course, but also Crusade rules including campaign-specific Battle Scars, Relics, and Battle Traits. These are a cool way to show the lasting effects of the battle for Hexenfast.