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Games Workshop Previews Harlequins for 40k

The new Aeldari codex is coming soon for 40k. One of the minor off-shoots of the faction has always been the Harlequins. They're getting a revamp like everything in the faction is and we get a look at how in this preview.

From the article:

Yesterday we unveiled Codex: Aeldari, which accompanies the massive warhost of miniatures revealed at the Las Vegas Open. This hefty tome brings the galaxy’s most arrogant and deadly race kicking and screaming into the 41st Millennium,* along with a diverse and devastating set of rules to rail against their long-foretold doom.

So what’s waiting for you in the pages of this massive new 200-page codex? Let’s start with new ways to build the mixed-faction Aeldari armies of your dreams. Their race may be in decline, but they’re full of vibrant factions who can be called on for aid.

The fickle Harlequins are devotees of the Laughing God, and this new codex includes all the rules you’ll need to field an exclusively Harlequin army for the deadliest dance-off in galactic history. Yet the children of Cegorach aren’t limited to solo performances. A Masque will often caper from the webway unannounced, to aid their Aeldari cousins before evaporating once again. These fairweather allies are known as Travelling Players.