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Games Workshop Previews Gaunt's Ghosts for 40k

This preview from Warhammer Fest Online is actually about Black Library stuff. We don't normally do fluff articles, but considering we also get a look at the upcoming redone Gaunt's Ghosts box set, I figure that makes for a good story. Anyway, have yourselves a look.

From the article:

If you’re not familiar, Gaunt’s Ghosts are the protagonists of the long-running series depicting the trials and tribulations of Ibram Gaunt and his ill-fated Astra Militarum regiment. Faithful readers of the books no doubt have a soft spot for the original cast who served as their Colonel-Commissar’s most trusted retainers. 

Well, they’re back! They’ve been redesigned in plastic to create a reimagined set of miniatures that really brings each of the key characters from the early Gaunt’s Ghosts books to life.