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Games Workshop Previews Gargants in Age of Sigmar

The biggest release (literally) coming out this weekend for Age of Sigmar are the new gargant figures. But beyond just being a giant figure (of a giant), how do they actually play on the tabletop? That's just what we get a look at in this preview article.

From the article:

If a single gargant can smash a house apart, just think what a whole army of them is capable of. Imagine some of them are TWICE as large as the gargants you’re used to! Now, they’re organising into coherent forces, and the races of man, duardin, and aelf are in for a reckoning as the Sons of Behemat rise up to punish what they see as upstart pipsqueaks across the Mortal Realms. Today, we’re taking a peek at some of the rules for these massive monsters in your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.