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Games Workshop Previews Emperor's Children Praetor in Terminator Armor

Not gonna lie. When I saw this, I was like, "That's one of the prettiest Terminator minis I have seen in a while." Games Workshop is showing off their new, upcoming Emperor's Children Praetor figure in Terminator Armor they're bringing to pre-order soon.

From the article:

The III Legion were only recently blessed with a preview of a sparkling new Praetor, all decked out in armour and raiment radiant enough to suit the Phonecian himself. 

Then, much to the dismay of the Emperor’s Children, the improper brutes of the XII Legion and the barely leashed Sons of Russ barged ahead of the queue with comparably tawdry Legion upgrades.

Dignity and order have thankfully now been restored with the emergence of a second Emperor’s Children Praetor, this time in supremely tasteful Tartaros armour.