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Games Workshop Previews Easterling Black Dragons for Middle-earth Strategy Battle Games

It's Dragon Week over at Games Workshop. Seems like a pretty awesome week to have. And while this new set of figures for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game isn't made up of dragons, they are the Easterling Black Dragons. Get a look at these figures in this preview.

From the article:

OK, so an Easterling Black Dragon may not be an actual Dragon, but they’re still as tough and ferocious as their serpentine namesakes. In any case, let’s get on with showing you the upcoming Black Dragon miniatures in all their dark glory…

They certainly look menacing, that’s for sure, and with good reason – the warriors of the Dragon Cult are among the very deadliest in all of Rhûn. Yet despite the Black Dragons’ elite status in the armies of the Easterlings, they are in fact mere initiates of the Dragon Cult itself. 

The cult’s shadowy masters will only select candidates from the most skilful Easterling fighters who’ve proven their killer instinct in battle time and again. This demanding selection process ensures that ranks of the Black Dragons are composed exclusively of veteran soldiers whose murderous prowess and stoic determination sets them apart on the battlefield. In essence, they’re Easterling special forces!

Those among the Black Dragons who excel above and beyond their peers will move on to begin their next stage of training as Dragon Cult Acolytes, where they will master the arts of speed, agility, and lethal grace. Only the most preternaturally gifted among them will rise to become Dragon Knights – the foremost bladesmen and most prolific killers of their order.