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Games Workshop Previews Dragonriders in Age of Sigmar

<weewoo weewoo weewoo> We have a Giant Dragon Alert going because new dragons are coming to Age of Sigmar. Powerful enough on their own, when they transport a mighty champion to battle, they get that much more dangerous. Get a look at some of the upcoming dragonriders for the game in this preview.

From the article:

The Mortal Realms have been shaken up once already by the shock return of the Draconith: last week saw the return of Krondys and Karazai, the remaining sons of Dracothion the Great Drake.

They’re big fellers, but two dragons against the combined might of Chaos, Death, and Destruction hardly feels fair. It’s lucky, then, that they’re not alone. We go now to our dragon correspondent, James Workshop, for more.