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Games Workshop Previews Draconith For Age of Sigmar

<weewoo weewoo weewoo> Another Giant Dragon Alert! We have another Giant Dragon Alert! There's no shortage of dragons of all types in Age of Sigmar, but what if you want the dragons to not just be a part of your army, but your entire army? That's where the Draconith come in.

From the article:

We may think we’ve seen dragons fighting in the Mortal Realms – Black Dragons, Zombie Dragons, Stardrakes, and their ilk. But in truth, these are pale reflections of the ancient dragons of legend, those that predate even the coming of Sigmar and the rise of Chaos – the kin of Dracothion himself. 

They may well feature in old folk tales, Aqshian cave paintings, and the odd stanza of Azyrian poetry, but what were they actually like?

Well, wonder no longer.

That’s right. The dragons – or Draconith, as they’re known in these parts – are back, and as you can see, they’re huge. A mainstay of the World-That-Was, and instrumental in the formation of the Mortal Realms and to Sigmar’s place within them, the Draconith disappeared from the realms after a certain End of Empires  stamped on all their eggs. And for a long, long while, that seemed to be the end.

But now, with Sigmar’s resurgence, two lost princes of that once magnificent civilisation see a chance to return their order to greatness. The Princes’ affinity with Sigmar and the cause of the Stormcast Eternals makes their arrival a great boost for the forces of Order, who are still reeling from the effects of Be’lakor’s shroud of dark magic and the emergence of Kragnos. The Draconith are about to put the Grand Alliances of Death, Destruction, and Chaos on notice. Let’s meet them.