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Games Workshop Previews Delaque for Necromunda

A new starter set for Necromunda will be available for pre-order in a couple weekends. One of the gangs that will be in it are the Delaque. But who are they, exactly? We get a brief look in this preview.

From the preview:

The Delaque are one of the two gangs included in the Necromunda: Hive War boxed set* that’s available to pre-order from Saturday the 8th of May. We’re taking a look at the most secretive of all of the clan houses in preparation.

The Delaque are masters of information on Necromunda – it’s said that their spies operate throughout the hive, snooping on all of the Houses. Other clans are suspicious of House Delaque, and their sinister appearance does little to contradict their age-old reputation for double-dealing and espionage. 

Even the rulership of House Delaque remains a mystery. Their senior nobles meet in closed session, but the court has no permanent chair, obscuring the House’s true leader in yet another layer of darkness.