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Games Workshop Previews Deathwing Rules For 40k

The Dark Angels are almost three chapters in one. You have the straightforward-ish regular Battle Brothers. You have the fast-attack Ravenwing. And then you have the super-tough, terminator-focused Deathwing. The Deathwing was always my favorite. And in this preview for their upcoming codex, we get a look at just what they'll be getting.

From the article:

First among their brothers, clad in bone-white ceramite, and wielding ancient relics of the Chapter, the stalwart veterans of the Deathwing are the speartip of the Dark Angels’ assaults in the most dangerous war zones. Almost uniquely among the Adeptus Astartes, so great are their resources that the entire 1st Company can be equipped with nigh impenetrable Terminator armour.

Much like the bike squads of their Ravenwing brothers that we covered yesterday, many different kinds of Terminator Squads in a 1st Company Detachment will be able to contest objectives just as well as your regular, squishier troops.