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Games Workshop Previews Day/Night Cycle in Cursed City

Vampires are tough opponents at any time, but they are decided more powerful at night, when their movement isn't inhibited by the sun. That's going to be an issue in Cursed City, as the players must worry about the waxing and waning of enemy power thanks to the day/night cycle included in the game.

From the article:

Ulfenkarn lives under the thumb of its vampiric overlords. When the pallid daylight gives out, the evil creatures that stalk the streets grow even stronger.

Your band of adventurers use a Kharadron skyvessel called the Adamant as their base of operations, and they slip into the city to complete their various missions. We explored a few different types of journey you can take into Ulfenkarn earlier this week, if you missed it. When your heroes have completed their objective, they call for the ship to retrieve them before they face the full fury of Radukar’s servants. 

During your games, the passing of time is represented by a daytime tracker, which slowly ticks away until nightfall – that’s when things get nasty.