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Games Workshop Previews Darkoath Savagers for Warcry

Warcry's new box set, Red Harvest, is coming to pre-orders tomorrow. Inside, you get two new sets of figures to try out. One set is the Darkoath Savagers. Take a preview of their minis and stats in this article from Games Workshop.

From the post:

Fancy a relaxing stroll through the Varanite mines? Searching for your seat at the Everchosen’s right hand? Unwilling to ever wear more than a few leather straps at any one time? We’ve got you covered, as Warcry: Red Harvest is available for pre-order this weekend. 

Alongside a whistle-stop tour of Archaon’s Health and Safety-defying excavations,* Red Harvest is your first chance to get hold of the spider-wrangling Tarantulos Brood and the tide of muscle, fur, and little else that are the Darkoath Savagers.