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Games Workshop Previews Crusade Rules for Tyranids

The Tyranids are looking to find every bit of biomass they can in the galaxy and add it to their hive. That's the goal of their crusade, and we get a look at how that works with their Crusade rules coming in their new codex.

From the article:

There’s a Shadow in the Warp, and it heralds the imminent arrival of Codex: Tyranids on pre-order this weekend. The big bugs have gotten even bigger, Synaptic Imperatives have made Synapse creatures even more pivotal, and hive fleets are packing a new biomorph known as the Parasite of Mortrex. The sound of mandibles clicking is deafening, and it’s time for a celebratory feast.*

Codex: Tyranids still has more secrets hidden under its chitin, however – such as Crusade rules all about scoping the galaxy for the latest tasty morsels.