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Games Workshop Previews Crusade Rules for Genestealer Cults

Through subtle manipulation and infiltration, the Genestealer cults look to spread havoc across the galaxy. In this preview, get a look at the Crusade rules that they'll use to do exactly that in 40k.

From the article:

Brood no longer, devotees of the Star Children, for the release of Codex: Genestealer Cults is near at hand. It’s going to be a big start to the year in general, with Codex: Adeptus Custodes and Codex: T’au Empire due to launch sometime in early 2022. Today, those of you who reject the false Emperor and scorn the T’au’s pathetic excuse for expansion can take an early look at some of the new Crusade rules you’ll be using to teach them how it’s done.

The growth of a Genestealer Cult requires precision, planning, and generations of careful scheming. To reflect this, the core of the new Crusade rules is built around a brand new mechanic, the Path to Ascension. This is an objective exclusive to the Genestealer Cults, which follows your nascent brood as it attempts to grow by infiltrating an entire planet. You get to choose when you begin walking this path, and you will need a Patriarch, Primus, or Magus to begin.

To take over a world, you will need to infiltrate each layer of its Institutions without being discovered. The Path to Ascension rules let you choose between six types of planet, such as forge worlds and agri worlds. These all have different Institutions, like politics, industry, and community.