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Games Workshop Previews Crossfire Rules for 40k

How do the Genestealer Cultists plan on defeating the much more heavily armored, armed, and trained Adeptus Custodes on Terra? Through their specialized tactics in pinning down opponent and wiping them out. Get a look at these Crossfire rules in this preview of their upcoming codex for 40k.

From the article:

When you think of the servants of the Hive Mind, there are a few things that stand out – big claws, sharp teeth, and breathtaking appetites. It’s easy to forget that one of their greatest strengths is their ability to coordinate at the speed of thought, and it’s this that the Genestealer Cults use to devastating effect in their impending codex, coming early 2022.

Unprepared foes find themselves trapped in a cage of gunfire from all sides, as cultists spring up from prepared positions to blanket them in bullets. Whenever a unit with the Crossfire keyword shoots and scores at least five hits (or a hit with a Damage characteristic other than 1) their target gains a crossfire marker.

Once an enemy unit has a crossfire marker, it becomes especially vulnerable to attack. First, any further Crossfire units shooting at them add 1 to their hit rolls. Then, if the target is Exposed, they’re in for a world of hurt.

How does a target become Exposed? If you draw a line from the attacking unit’s base to another friendly Crossfire model within sight, and that line passes over the targeted unit, that targeted unit is Exposed.