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Games Workshop Previews Crimson Court for Warhammer Underworlds

A small group of very powerful vampires, the Crimson Court is looking to drain their foes dry of blood. How do they do this? Well, we get a look at exactly that in this preview, with a look at all their stat cards coming for Warhammer Underworlds.

From the preview:

Led by the cunning Prince Duvalle, the vampire warband known as the Crimson Court found their way into the living mountain by chance, and they’re wasting no time sampling the buffet of prey inside. With both physical and magical power at their fingertips, the vampires are hell-bent on making Direchasm their newest and greatest hunting ground.

As we found out in January’s Warhammer Preview Online, the Crimson Court are an aggressive warband that must manage their unique mechanic, Bloodthirst, to excel on the battlefield. 

While control of their Hunger brings special abilities and is required for Inspiration, the savage bloodlust that takes over, should their thirst run rampant, comes with its own benefits too. After all, a burst of murderous fury might be just what you need to crack open the walking bags of blood we call mortals.