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Games Workshop Previews Combat Patrol Orks Box Set

WAAAGH!! A new Ork Codex for 40k is coming to pre-orders this weekend from Games Workshop. But that's not all. There's also new kits, including a new Combat Patrol box that'll get you a pretty good start on a WAAAGH!!! of your own. We get a look inside at it in this preview (also, anyone remember when the dread that you got with the Orks was just cardboard? That's what my first Ork dread was made of).

From the article:

With an amazing codex up for pre-order this weekend, plus the Beast Snaggas from their launch box, everyone’s looking to bulk up their Orks army – or start a new one. Combat Patrol: Orks is also available to pre-order from Saturday, and it’s the best way to do both! Let’s take a closer look at everything that comes in the box.