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Games Workshop Previews Castellan Garran Crowe Mini for 40k

I used to have a small contingent of Grey Knights back when I played 40k. I loved the ornate armor and the lore behind them. Well, they're getting a new codex soon, along with some new minis, including a new one for the special character, Castellan Garran Crowe. Have a look at his new mini within.

From the article:

We recently announced that a new Grey Knights codex is on the way. This secretive silver order is led by extraordinary champions – warriors so incorruptible as to stare down the most terrifying creatures of the warp without blinking. One is so fastidious in his faith that he’s allowed to carry a daemonic blade to battle. Chaos incursions across the galaxy take note: Castellan Garran Crowe is back.