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Games Workshop Previews Blade Champion for 40k

I can't say that, back during my 8 years as a custodian, that I was ever taught in the art of bladework. I only learned to use floor buffers and stuff like that. But if you're in the Adeptus Custodes, you have the option to become a Blade Champion. And we get a look at them in this preview from Games Workshop.

From the article:

Yesterday, we delved into the lore of the Reductus Saboteur, co-star of Warhammer 40,000: Shadow Throne. Now it’s time to switch sides and learn more about the Blade Champion.

But before we go into details, consider this – Aristothes Carvellan, the Blade Champion who leads the Talonhunt in the narrative of Shadow Throne, is expected to capture the Patriarch of the Genestealer Cult alive (yes, really), without getting torn to ribbons in the act. That’s quite the challenge, so you’d have to be as hard as auramite nails to stand a chance. Well, as you may have seen in our rules preview, he really is!