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Games Workshop Previews Black Templar Pyreblaster for 40k

Burning heretics is a classic move since... well... just about forever. However, in the far-off future of the 41st millennium, they don't just tie someone to a stake and light a pyre. They take the pyre with them using the Pyreblaster. Check out this new 40k weapon in this preview.

From the article:

The rumours have been circulating for a while now. But with the codex supplement announced on our road map and new cover art revealed, the fervent prayers of the faithful have been heard – the Black Templars are on their way. 

What’s more, they’re bringing some shiny heretic-purging wargear with which to immolate anyone foolish enough to besmirch the glorious name of the God-Emperor. Behold the Primaris Initiate with pyreblaster!