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Games Workshop Previews Be'lakor

I mean, it's not a giant robot and it's not a dragon, but it's still a huge mini, so it's automatically one of my favorites. It's Be'lakor and Games Workshop is bringing him out for both Age of Sigmar and 40k. Have yourselves a look at this giant figure.

From the preview:

Throughout March, we’re revealing a new miniature from one of our game systems every Monday. In last week’s New Model Monday article, we introduced you to Kritza, the Rat Prince, a vampiric noble of the Mortal Realms. This week, we’ve got a big reveal for you – literally…

He’s the Dark Master, the mysterious Shadowlord of Mordheim. He’s the first true servant of the Dark Gods and the original Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided. His fell deeds have shaped Mankind’s history and subjected the Mortal Realms to the cruelty of his dominion.

He is Be’lakor, and he’s back and bigger than ever! Behold the terrible majesty of the First Daemon Prince of Chaos.