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Games Workshop Previews Bastian Carthalos for Age of Sigmar

One of the Stormhosts greatest generals is headed to the front lines in Age of Sigmar. It's Bastian Carthalos and you can get a look at his new mini as well as some of his special rules in this preview.

From the article:

Of all the Stormhosts created by the God-King, the Hammers of Sigmar are most often held up as the defining image of what it means to be a Stormcast Eternal. Legendary warriors such as Vandus Hammerhand, Neave Blacktalon, and Aventis Firestrike fill their ranks, and such is their might that the one who commands them all must be an exceptionally cool guy. As it turns out, he is, and his name is Bastian Carthalos. 

This stunning miniature is available to pre-order from Saturday, so it seemed like the perfect time to learn more about him.

Known as the Thunderborn, Bastian was not the first of his Stormhost to be forged, yet he has stood at Sigmar’s side longer than perhaps any other living Stormcast. As a mortal man, he led his tribe against Archaon himself in the Battle of Burning Skies,* and when the tide of battle turned it was Carthalos who covered Sigmar’s retreat at great cost.