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Games Workshop Previews Ash Waste Nomads for Necromunda

The Ash Waste Nomads are a new faction coming to Necromunda. We get our first look at them in this new preview with a figure preview. I hate sand.

From the article:

Grab your SPF 5,000 tanning lotion and your best pair of sunglasses – preferably wraparounds – and step out into the rad-blasted Ash Wastes to meet a whole gang of new friends.

You might have caught a glimpse of these stealthy scavengers in the Ash Wastes cinematic trailer, but as you stand blinking under the lethal sunbeams of Necromunda’s great outdoors, you probably won’t even see them coming…

Get a good look at this scruffy warrior – it may be your last. This is an Ash Waste Nomad, a brand new faction coming in Necromunda: Ash Wastes, clad in rags to match their barren surroundings, plus an all-over mask equipped with protective lenses and filtration pipes.