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Games Workshop Previews Akhelian Thrallmaster for Age of Sigmar

This weekend, the new Fury of the Deep box set for Age of Sigmar hits the Games Workshop webstore. For those wanting a bit more info about what it has inside, take a look at the leader of the Deepkin forces with a peek at the Akhelian Thrallmaster.

From the article:

Brine and brimstone clash within the doomed magmahold of Ryftmar this weekend, as the Fury of the Deep battlebox goes on pre-order.

The stalwart Fyreslayers are fighting for the fate of their ancestral home, as the conniving Idoneth Deepkin churn the Vitriol Sea, weakening the supports beneath Ryftmar and threatening the Fyreslayers with a soggy demise.

Unfortunately for our fiery-coiffed friends, the Deepkin are under the command of an exiled Akhelian noble called Cascalan. This expert warrior has taken on the title of Thrallmaster and is determined to win the favour of King Volturnos once more.