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Games Workshop Previews Aeldari Battle Focus Rules

The new Aeldari codex is coming up for pre-order soon. That means there's still time for some previews, including this one that features the Battle Focus rule that the faction has. Being focused in battle is important, but the Aeldari take it to another level entirely.

From the article:

On the maiden world of Daethe, a warband of Aeldari Rangers are fighting to dislodge the invading Chaos forces. This desperate battle for a doomed planet is one of the first conflicts to break out across War Zone Nachmund, and you can join the fray by pre-ordering Eldritch Omens this weekend.

Those who pick up this new battlebox will find a slick special ability referenced on their Aeldari datasheets, available ahead of the upcoming codex release: Battle Focus. When the Asuryani go to war, they enter a waking trance that allows them to strike with surgical accuracy and escape before they face reprisal.