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Games Workshop Posts Updated Blood Bowl FAQ

With the latest season of Blood Bowl now available, coaches all over the world are getting their teams out onto the pitch. Of course, there are occasionally things where the refs have to go and review the footage and check the rulebook in order to make a call. And it's the notes from these updates that we've got here as GW has posted an updated FAQ and E&C for the game.

From the article:

The Second Season Edition of Blood Bowl is out in the wild, and coaches across the Old World have been recruiting their teams and hitting the gridiron in search of glory – or simply to cause as much mayhem and bodily injury as possible.* 

As always with a new season, there have been a few questions relating to the game, along with some queries about specific interactions, and we’re here to set the record straight! We caught up with the Chief Herald of Nuffle, Jay Clare, to give you the low-down on these sorts of updates and let you know how often you can see them in the future!