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Games Workshop Posts New Warbands and Campaign for Warcry

If you're a Warcry player, you'll want to see this one. Games Workshop has posted the cards for two new warbands as well as a complete campaign for the game. If you're looking to get some Thunderstrike Stormcasts and/or Kruleboyz onto the table, head on over and get their stats now.

From the post:

In Call of the Everchosen’s final instalment, the cast of Dominion are entering the fray. If you’ve been itching to use the thunderstrike-armoured Stormcast Eternals and the Kruleboyz of the orruk warclans in the action-packed skirmish game that is Warcry, you’re in luck – the game’s resident loremaster Sam Pearson is here with the all the rules you’ll need.

Sam: Call of the Everchosen is back for what will be the last in the series, and to mark the occasion we’ve made this the biggest instalment yet! Included below, you’ll find a full set of fighter cards and abilities for two brand new warbands – the Thunderstrike Stormcast and the Kruleboyz. 

On top of that, we’ve included a new narrative campaign that pits these two forces against each other.