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Games Workshop Posts New Mortrex Preview for 40k

The Parasite of Mortrex is a new, monstrous creature entering the Tyranids' ranks in 40k. We get another look at this leather-winged monstrosity in this preview. The new Tyranid codex is coming soon.

From the article:

We recently caught sight of the Tyranids’ newest fiend, the Parasite of Mortrex, when it burst onto the Warhammer Community scene without warning. This horrifying monster is swooping into action in the upcoming Codex: Tyranids – but what is it and where has it come from?

The Parasite gets its name from its disturbing propensity to implant eggs into its unfortunate victims (although a xenological report in Codex: Tyranids is quick to observe this makes the Rippers the true parasites). It’s been observed in a growing number of war zones across the galaxy, but it was on the planet of Mortrex that this bat-winged nightmare was first sighted.