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Games Workshop Posts New Lumineth Realm Lords Preview

The Lumineth Realm Lords are getting a new Battletome soon from Games Workshop. They've posted up another preview of what you can expect when these white knights hit the tabletop.

From the article:

Yesterday we looked at two (or three) of the new Heroes leading Teclis’ Lumineth vanguard and the frankly ludicrous weapons they carry. In our quest to bring you a new rule every day this week, we’re taking a more spiritual approach today by finding out who will be accompanying the Alarith temple to the battlefield.

As the second of the aelementiri temples to lend their aid to the Lumineth army, the wind-adepts of the Hurakan specialise in incredible feats of speed and dexterity. They contrast their strong and sturdy cousins in the Alarith brotherhood – whose distinct bovine helmets you’ll remember from last year’s Lumineth debut.