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Games Workshop Posts Necromunda Rules Update

The release of the Ashe Wastes, there's more than new miniatures available for Necromunda. Games Workshop is also throwing a new rules update for the game. You can head through and check out the updates as well as download said update through the link.

From the article:

Ah, the call of the open road. The comforting thrum of a well-maintained engine, the cool breeze whipping through your hair, the promise of new friends at every friendly rest-stop on the way. None of these things are available to you in Necromunda: Ash Wastes, which is a game of murderous desert ambushes under the cloudy radioactive skies of a dead world.*

But while the barren planetary surface of Necromunda might not be a hospitable place, it does provide us with a lovely bundle of delicious new rules to demonstrate exactly how awful it is. We’ve prepared a video to explain –