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Games Workshop Posts Necromunda: Ash Wastes Preview

You might think that it's pretty bleak and desolate in the Underhive. And... it is. But it can make the Ash Wastes look like a utopia. It's into this blasted land that Necromunda is headed next and we're getting a look at it in this first in a series of previews for the new setting.

From the article:

It’s all change on Necromunda, as the denizens of Hive Primus exchange their steel skies for the sepia of the great outdoors. Yep, the Ash Wastes are coming to your tabletop – and with them, the thrill of the open road, the corrosive breeze through your respirator, and innumerable spots for that one perfect ambush. We’ve asked Lord Helmawr’s representative on Earth, Andy Hoare, to tell us more.

Andy Hoare: Well, the secret’s out. We’re leaving the (dubious) sanctuary of the underhive and breaking out into the vastness of the Ash Wastes of Necromunda! Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be revealing much more about this setting, but for now, I want to give you some hints of where we’re going, and of course where we came from.