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Games Workshop Posts 40k Balance Dataslate

When a game has as many moving parts as 40k does, it can be rough to make sure that everything is balanced at the same time. Occasionally, adjustments need to be made. Such is the case here, as Games Workshop has posted the latest update for the game.

From the article:

As we saw in our recent Metawatch article breaking down the top-level tournament games played at AdeptiCon last month, the Harlequins tap-danced their way across the top tables. 

The Warhammer Studio were keeping a close eye, and in the latest Balance Dataslate introduce a few measures to soften the damage dealt by these laughing Aeldari. That’s not all for this edition of the Dataslate, however, and there are several changes that will alter the balance of power in Warhammer 40,000.

The Balance Dataslate is a regular update from the Warhammer 40,000 rules team that ensures your games are fun, fair, and exciting as new codexes, campaign books, and more make their presence felt on the battlefield. It keeps the game enjoyable for everyone, elevating factions that need more of an edge and reining in those that are currently riding* a little too high. It’s one free download that gives you everything you need to know.**

Richard Butler from the Warhammer Studio has some information for us on this latest update.

“2022 has been an eventful year so far for the metagame balance of Warhammer 40,000! We are making a range of tweaks at both the universal rules and codex levels, to rein in some overperforming factions and to bring fresh excitement to underperforming factions.