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Games Workshop Making-to-Order Indomitus Sets

Want to get the latest starter set for the new edition of 40k? Can't seem to find one on the shelf? That's fine. Games Workshop is happy to simply whip one up in the kitchen for you to-order. Yup, they're making these things specifically for you and you can go grab yours now.

From the website:

There is no time for peace. No forgiveness. No respite. There is only war.

The galaxy writhes in the mailed fist of all-consuming conflict. The Imperium of Mankind teeters on the brink of annihilation, beset upon all sides by heretic warlords, daemon-summoning witches and rapacious alien empires. In every star system and upon every planet, fierce battle rages as loyalists, heretics and aliens tear reality itself apart in their war for dominance. Every day the flames rise higher.

This is a more terrible era than ever before, and there is no peace amongst the stars...

If you're looking to plunge headfirst into the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, look no further than this glorious boxed set. Warhammer 40,000: Indomitus comes complete with two powerful armies, pitting the mighty Space Marines against the immortal machine race known as the Necrons for control of the Pariah Nexus. The set also includes an Indomitus-exclusive version of the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book, which delves into the game’s grimdark, futuristic setting and provides a full set of rules for playing thrilling games with your Citadel miniatures.


  arcanepretzel at 293 days ago
This single thing got at least one retailer to ratchet down their sale price back to normal levels. I can only imagine what ebay scalpers are thinking.
  TGN_Polar_Bear at 293 days ago
It's certainly an interesting strategy, that's for sure. I'm guessing it'll also help with their numbers in that they won't have extras just laying around the warehouse. It might be more paperwork to keep up with all the custom orders, but not having back-stock just sitting on shelves doesn't do anyone any good, either. And in the time of COVID, it's really impossible to guess how many units of products will move.
  arcanepretzel at 292 days ago
I'm partially expecting most scalpers to get their prices close to reasonable (199USD with a _very_ small, if any, profit). From there, the Made to Order requests will get canceled or not made at all. One of the online retailers I purchase from had them available for 250 originally. This is a company that usually does a 10% discount on most stuff. After the announcement of the made-to-order, the price went to 220 (Friday, iirc). Today, it's down to 199USD. Not everyone's going to ultimately do the right(ish) thing like this, but I think GW has made an important point to scalpers, and to their players: "We're not having that."