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Games Workshop Focuses on Flamers in Necromunda

A new pamphlet for Necromunda called House of Faith is coming out soon. As one would expect for the religiously fervent, they have a love of the purifying nature of flames. In this article, Games Workshop takes a look at these fiery weapons.

From the article:

Alright, sit down and shut up. As you all know, it’s a lot easier to police the underhive when we have some kind of consistency. Well, chance would be a fine thing – one month it’s fire, then the next it’s water. This month, things are heating up again as the Redemptionists are rising up and the peoples of House Cawdor are crawling out of their dark little corners.


The new pamphlet House of Faith is out soon. I expect you all to read it thoroughly to get ready for the surge in House Cawdor activity. Remember if there’s one thing stronger than faith in the underhive, it’s a Subjugator’s SLHG pattern assault ram – you can’t pray if you’ve got no teeth. Now get out there – the underhive isn’t going to police itself!