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Games Workshop Announces Pre-Order Date for New Age of Sigmar Box

Apparently, it's been around six years since the launch of Age of Sigmar. I remember when I got that box set into the office. Soon, we'll be getting a new edition of it. How soon? How about pre-orders starting June 19th and hitting shelves July 3rd?

From the announcment:

We’ve been talking all about the upcoming Dominion box and the launch of the next edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar for a while, but up until now, the release date has been a mystery. Today, we can share the great news with you.

Dominion will be ready to pre-order from the 19th of June and will be in-stores on the 3rd of July.

That means the new edition will arrive almost exactly six years after the launch of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. If you missed it, we explored the full contents of Dominion during our unboxing event last weekend. In short, it’s going to be incredible.