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Games Workshop Announces New Kill Team Starter Set

Gen Con is underway and that means lots of announcements from the show. Games Workshop certainly has had several. First off, they've got a new starter set coming soon for Kill Team. And it involves my favorite army, the Orks!

From the article:

It’s Day One of Gen Con, and we’ve been busy enjoying the fun and treating all those who’ve attended to some exclusive reveals. Well, now it’s your turn, as we’re going to show you one of the new boxed sets that’s been on display today at the event – the Kill Team Starter Set.

This beauty brings you all of Kill Team’s key elements to make learning the principles of the game easy. In addition to a double-sided card gameboard and a variety of Orky scatter terrain, it also contains the full complement of Kill Team miniatures for the Orks and Death Korps of Krieg.