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Games Workshop Announces New Edition of Blood Bowl

While they're not going to be packing in the stands here in the US for football games, you can still get some gridiron action going on with Blood Bowl. And Games Workshop has announced a new version of the game will be hitting shelves soon.

From the article:

Ah, the great years. The years of sporting glory: 1986, 1988, 1994, 2001, and 2016… What do all these have in common? 

What’s that? Yes, you at the back with the massive foam finger and the Bloodweiser stein…

That’s right! They’re all years in which a new edition of the world’s favourite game of Fantasy Football was released… and now we can announce that 2020 is set to join those mighty dates etched into the annals of glory.

This holiday season, prepare for sports mayhem on an unparalleled scale, as the all-new edition of Blood Bowl hits a stadium near you!