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Games Workshop Announces Battle in Balin's Tomb Board Game

"They have a cave troll." Not exactly what the Fellowshop wanted to hear while they were trapped inside Balin's Tomb. They had a fight on their hands and so will you when you play Battle in Balin's Tomb, a new board game coming from Games Workshop. They've also got new Rohan terrain coming as well.

From the announcement:

Battle in Balin’s Tomb is an exciting, fast-paced board game for two or more players. Trapped in Balin’s burial chamber as they explore the Mines of Moria, the Fellowship face a horde of Goblins and a fearsome Cave Troll in a desperate encounter as they fight to escape their deadly predicament.

The game includes a total of 22 multipart plastic miniatures (all nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring, 12 Moria Goblins, and a Cave Troll) as well as a game board, dice, and cards – everything you need to play the game. It’s easy to learn, quick to play, and the perfect game to enjoy with friends and family during the holiday season.